Crowdfunding – getting more people engaged in your cause

Episode #260

Is crowdfunding for you?

I’ll confess, there’s more to nonprofit crowdfunding than I thought.  I thought it was just a simple one shot campaign. I was wrong.

In this week’s video, you’ll meet three people:

  1. Brad Fenstermacher (LiveStories)
  2. Nadia Mahmud (Jolkona)
  3. Steve Schwartz (Upaya Social Ventures)

You’ll learn how they use crowdfunding to bring in new donors and how they keep current donors engaged.

If you have any stories or advice around crowdfunding, please share it with everyone else. Leave a comment under the video.  Thanks.

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    Excellent work! This topic of crowdfunding is one around which we could all use a deeper discussion. With all the available platforms for peer-to-peer fundraising, the first assumption is, “All I need to do is pick one of those platforms, put up a page, and then I’ll have a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign…” I really appreciate the perspective of these three speakers that successful crowdfunding (like any other fundraising) requires relationship-building, long-term planning and communication back to donors about impact. Thanks to al three of these speakers for taking the time to share you insights, and to Chris for filming!

  2. says

    “If we knew better we’d do better”. (at least all of those plugged in to Movie Monday :-)

    Keep it up Christopher. You always add value to my life and to all those I immediately share each Movie Monday message with connected to TSFF.

    Merry Christmas and God Bless!


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    Gale E. Smith
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    Dear Brad, Nadia, Steve, Talk about “timely” counsel. This vdo just expressed what we learned recently. Last week we were very eager to engage ourselves in a campaign. We backed down as we realized we were not prepared with enough time or personnel for the long term follow up to make this a stepping stone to build longer relationships with donors.
    All that say, thanks Chris! This vdo confirmed our decision and stopped us from making mistakes.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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