Using facebook to engage more people and raise money

Episode #233

Wondering what to do with your facebook account? 

So, you have a facebook account.  Now what?

How does one use it to attract more donors and raise money?

In today’s video, John Haydon gives you a simple technique that works like a charm on facebook.  He helped a client double their friends and raise more money in the process.

In the video, he mentions, use this link to go their if you’d like.  Also, John is a facebook expert for nonprofits.  I’d highly suggest you sign up for his weekly updates.  Facebook is constantly changing and he can help you to stay on top of it all.  Visit him at:

If you have any stories or advice around using facebook, please share them in a comment box under the video.  Your nonprofit friends will appreciate it.

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  1. Christopher Davenport says

    If you have any stories or advice around using facebook, please share them in a comment box. Your nonprofit friends will appreciate it. Thanks! :)

    • says

      Hey Christopher,

      Thanks for the ideas and for sharing the process… We can’t wait to put it to use!
      Look Out!!!!… BGCES is about to storm Social Media!! 😀



  2. says

    I’m just wondering what, if any, legal regulations organizations might have to be thinking about for running a sweepstakes type contest that has prizes? I know there are rules governing this for running a sweepstakes in the mail. What applies to Facebook or email?

    • says

      Gayle – Facebook has guidelines in their Page terms. Basically you can’t use a page like – or a like,comment or share a post – as a condition of entry.

  3. Philipa Caulfield says

    WOW! Awesome, thank you SO much John & Chris for this fantastic video. Simple, easy to action, all round great. Looking forward to checking this option out further.

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