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Over the last 5 years, I have filmed more than 200 fundraising professionals (Development Directors, Executive Directors, Board Members, Donors, etc.)… people with real world experiences and knowledge… In fact, I’m constantly filming fundraising professionals with unique perspectives and fresh ideas.

Each week I take these interviews and turn them into short videos (typically 3-5 minutes) where your colleagues talk about how they overcome particular problems.

Every Monday morning I’ll send you an email that contains a link to a short video. Some of the topics I cover are:

  • Finding Major Donors,
  • Getting Board Members to Fundraise joyfully,
  • Stewarding Donors,
  • Creating successful events,
  • How to Make an Ask,
  • Creating more Public Awareness,
  • Finding and Training Volunteers,
  • Handling Stress,
  • And a lot more… all while you drink your morning coffee.

Supporting Your Needs

One huge benefit from these movies is the ability to use them in board meetings and to use them as 3rd party validation for your own ideas. I know that sometimes it’s hard to get a point across to different members of your team. Movie Mondays provides an excellent way to make a point or to start a discussion.

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Free Videos to Help You Fundraise

See how other fundraising Professionals:

  • attract new donors,
  • retain current donors,
  • inspire board members,
  • and more.

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    How do we go through the archives? I believe I watched one on asking open-ended questions that was very good and I’d like to watch it again. But maybe it wasn’t on this site…can’t remember.

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