Emotional Triggers and how to use them

Episode #239

Do donors really respond to emotional triggers? 

In today’s video, Tom Ahern is going to show you how some nonprofits are using emotional triggers to greatly increase their donor response rates. You’ll see actual examples as Tom walks you through how to use emotional triggers.

You’ll learn about seven different triggers along with the second ingredient you’ll need in order for the triggers to work their magic.

Today’s video is actually a clip from the best selling DVD: “Writing for Results: How to use donor-centricity and neuroscience to raise more money and retain more donors”. So, if you’d like to know more about how to make your donor communications much more effective, then check out Tom’s DVDs. click here

If you have any tips on being more donor centric or using emotional triggers, please share them in a comment box under the video.  Thanks.

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  1. Christopher Davenport says

    If you have any tips on being more donor centric or using emotional triggers, please share them in a comment box. Thanks. :)

  2. Trish says

    Excellent stuff, Mr. Ahern.

    I was dubious at first, because using fear and anger and greed doesn’t appeal to me.

    But your example that puts anger in a positive action place for donors (eg. anger about child abuse) helps me see the ethical possibilities of this approach.

    Still, I would hesitate to use fear as a trigger. It’s antithetical to my values.

    I appreciate the last words you share with us: Speak from the heart, to the heart.

  3. Dawn Carmichael says

    Great insight, we so often think we know what works for us, but to hear it at this level is such and ah ha moment. Recognizing the power of emotions when used affectively.

    Thank you for bringing this insight.

  4. says

    I can’t get enough of Tom Ahern – he is brilliant at nonprofit communications and working with the brain science of reading, seeing and giving. So glad you caught him in one of the vids!

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